Providing local businesses with up to $1,000 worth of your choice of professional business services, advice and expertise!

The Exmouth Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ECCI), is well aware of the devastating impact the COVID-19 crisis is having on the survival of local businesses. In response, ECCI has secured the BHP/ECCI Exmouth Vital Resources Fund which aims to assist Exmouth businesses to identify and engage the professional help you need right now!

Could these business professionals assist you today?
• Accountant, bookkeeper or financial planner,
• Business analyst, business advisor, insurance broker,
• Lawyer or industrial relations advisor,
• Digital Marketing Service for web design and re-branding. (Digital advertising costs not included)

How could they help?

• Identify and implement financial, practical and operational measures to assist you.
• Identify means and ways to retain current staff.
•Apply for Commonwealth, State Government and other stimulus and support packages.
• Identify ways of diversifying your business to compensate for the current down turn.

How does this Program work?
1. Current and New ECCI members may access the BHP/ECCI – Exmouth Vital Resources Fund.
2. Complete the Registration Form and forward to the Project Officer at
3. Engage your nominated, applicable service provider and when the work is complete, have them submit a Tax Invoice up to the sum of $1,000 including GST to the Project Officer, who will process Payment from the BHP/ECCI – Exmouth Vital Resources Fund. The Invoice must be made out to Exmouth Chamber of Commerce and Industry Inc.
4. The Project Officer will process Payment from the BHP/ECCI – Exmouth Vital Resources Fund.
5. You may use your preferred professional business service or we can make a suggestion.
6. Complete and forward the Registration Form or contact Project Officer, Sharon Bell for more information. Sharon Bell: 0488 663 823 or

Act now! This fund is limited and distribution will commence on application, so don’t miss out!

Important Program and Eligibility Guidelines

The ECCI/BHP – Exmouth Vital Resources Fund aims to provide Exmouth businesses with access of up to $1,000 including GST in a wide range of professional business services.

Current and new ECCI member businesses are eligible to access the BHP/ECCI – Exmouth Vital Resources Fund.

The ECCI is keen to see the rapid delivery of the project’s aims for the benefit of local businesses and therefore the Project Officer will commence processing Registrations as they are received.

i) You may submit applicable Invoices – up to $1,000 including GST, to the Project Officer for payment or reimbursement of professional business services completed after Monday 23 March 2020.
(Official WA COVID-19 Lockdown)
ii) Suggestion only:
Accountant and Financial Consultant who has worked with Exmouth businesses over many years.
Rapattoni Wangara
Ph: 9306 4842

The Exmouth Chamber of Commerce and Industry Inc. shall not be liable for any loss or damages whatsoever (including, without limitation, damages for loss of profits, business interruption, loss of information) arising out of engaging these
business services.

For more information:

Sharon Bell – Project Officer 0488 663 823 or

David Gillespie – President (ECCI) 0407 420 542 or