During these unprecedented circumstances, there’s every chance your business is facing great uncertainty. If you’re looking to get your business back on track, but are confused about where to start, The Exmouth Business Accelerator is here to help you get up and running again.

What is it?

The Exmouth Business Accelerator is a welcome joint program to assist and develop Exmouth businesses and is funded through an agreement between the ECCI and Woodside.

What will the Accelerator include?

By working closely with local industry and businesses, the Exmouth Business Accelerator will provide opportunities to build capacity, overcome barriers, regularly network and access training and expertise. Each of these measures is designed to support business development, improve the viability and increase employment in Exmouth. If you are thinking of starting a new business, guidance through the Business Accelerator could be just what you need. It will also be used to help rebuild the local business network during the COVID-19 pandemic.

How will it be delivered?

The program is designed to offer well-rounded business support. In response to local business feedback, the Business Accelerator will have a comprehensive schedule of 1 – 2hr workshops, meetings and networking engagements. Amidst the current limitations, these events will be attended online for the time being and may include such areas of interest as:

Navigating Business Support and Stimulus Packages:

Right now, there are likely to be an array of questions that you need answering. What could your business be eligible for, how do I apply and who can help me now? This package is designed to solve those queries for you.

Digital Marketing:

The digital world of a business can feel like a minefield. With assistance, the program is designed to help you understand social media, develop your strategy and learn how to publish shareable content.

Building Better Tenders: 

When running a business there are many things that you might not understand. With the program you will be assisted with tender writing, preparation needed and understanding the tender pipeline.

You can be assured that you will have the best possible advice. 

With expertise from within Exmouth as well as quality presenters, via the Small Business Development Corporation, Woodside, Gascoyne Development Commission and other professional business service providers, you will be provided with plenty of relevant information.

What are the potential outcomes?

There’s no denying that businesses are going to need rebuilding right now and the likelihood is they will need help to do so. The program has high hopes of recording an increase in the resilience, capability and capacity of Exmouth businesses.

Most importantly, as the major impact of COVID-19 eases, the assistance offered will aid in enabling businesses to find their mojo again. We are confident we can rebuild through support and community.

What are the costs involved?

There will be no cost for the Exmouth Business Accelerator activities.

When will the program start?

We are keen to get the ball rolling as soon as possible. We hope to see our first workshop presented online, shortly.

How can you register to be a part of the program?

It couldn’t be easier to get going. All you need to do is show us your expression of interest here. Then, you will receive the news of our first event within the coming weeks.